Steps for server replication with CloudEndure

Sequence of steps is important, skipping one of the steps will result in errors during CloudEndure agent installation or after starting the replication.

  1. Configure AWS Credentials in CloudEndure Console (more details)
    • CloudEndure User IAM Access Key and Secret Access Key is already provided for you in the Event Engine Dashboard
    • Refresh the browser after saving AWS credentials to fetch latest information from your AWS account
  2. Configure Replication Settings in CloudEndure Console (more details)
    • Leave ‘Default’ Replication Server instance type
    • Select public subnet for the Replication Server, to ensure connectivity between source environment and the Replication Server -
  3. Install CloudEndure agent on source machine(s) (more details)
    • Commands for installing agent can also be obtained from the CloudEndure console Machines -> MACHINE ACTIONS -> Add Machines
  4. Configure Blueprint in CloundEndure Console per replicated machine (more details)
    • Use only *.large (and smaller) machine types
    • Make sure to select proper subnet (do you need a private of public one?)
    • Make sure to select an IP that works in your subnet or ‘Create new’ option
    • If you don’t see input fields on the BLUEPRINT page or it’s hard to scroll through them, scale down your screen (Control -).
  5. When the replication is finished - perform Cutover (more details)
    • This time skip testing and go straightover to Cutover to save time (we’ve tested this image multiple times)
    • If you don’t see your job in the Job Progress window, refresh the browser (F5) and make sure to scroll to the top of the drop-down list of CloudEndure jobs
  6. When the webserver is running in AWS, update /var/www/html/wp-config.php to point at the new database


  1. Make sure you have updated AWS Credentials on the Setup & Info tab
  2. Make sure to select subnet in the Replication Settings on the Setup and Info tab
  3. When you’ve made changes to the project Replication Settings, remove machine from the Machines list (Machine Actions -> Remove from Console) and install CloudEndure agent again to restart the replication process
  4. If your cutover Fails with error mentioning Availability Zone us-west-2d and you didn’t use it in your VPC - check machine Blueprint if the target subnet is configured.