• A serverless compute engine for containers will make your life easier
  • You can use the official wordpress image - wordpress:latest
  • Task execution role is already created for you - ecsTaskExecutionRole
  • You may want to put whole /var/www/html/wp-content folder on EFS
  • Environment variables to set in the the Task Definition are WORDPRESS_DB_HOST, WORDPRESS_DB_NAME, WORDPRESS_DB_USER, WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD

Steps for migration of the web application to containers:

  1. Create additional security groups for your VPC
  2. Create an Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) file system
  3. Add the database variables into AWS Systems Manager Parameters Store
  4. Create an AWS Elastic Load Balancer
  5. Create an Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) Cluster
  6. Create an Amazon ECS Task Definition
  7. Create an Amazon ECS Service